• Natural Ingredients
  • Natural Processing
  • Kosher Facilities
  • Teaching customers about technology
Trigeminal Effects

  • Cooling
  • Salt Enhancing
  • Alcohol Warming
  • Sourness Suppression
  • Sweetness Enhancing
  • Bitterness Suppression
  • Viscosomimetics
Separation Science

  • Extraction
  • Distillation
  • Fractional Crystallization
  • Chemoselective Separation
  • Chiral Separation
Natural Aroma Chemicals

  • Identify new ingredients from Nature
  • Establish flavor threshold
  • Evaluate impact of ingredient on original
    sourced flavor
  • Evaluate impact of ingredient on other
    diverse flavors
  • Evaluate potential sources of ingredient
Fermentation Experience

  • Anaerobic fermentation
  • Aerobic fermentation
  • Bioreduction
  • Dilute stream recovery
  • Gas co-product / y-product

  • As a tool, we use it to describe a Flavor Profile and to quantify
    & graphically represent the Flavor Profile.

  • Combining descriptive flavor analysis and head space analysis
    (SPME), we have been able to identify the specific molecules
    responsible for the  flavor descriptors.

  • Some examples follow:
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